Brotherhood of the Moon

Brotherhood of the Moon Eladrin: Ranc Ithil

The shining brand of the Eladrin and Elves consigned to their fates beyond the Sea of Mists, the tale of the Brotherhood of the Moon is one that every man, woman and child recite with perfect recall. It is the tale of the Last Days in the Homeland and the flower of Fae knighthood who stayed behind to protect those fleeing over the water.

The Brotherhood of the Moon was led by the Eladrin Knight, Caunidhrenon (afterward, the Wise). A Prince of the Fae, he was the only brother of the Eladrin Queen Caladwen. A gifted Warlord, he was last seen at the Port of Llyrien (now Portsmouth) waving at the Last Ship, which bore his sister the Queen and his betrothed. He, as all of the Brotherhood of the Moon, was never seen again.

Members of the Brotherhood of the Moon

Name Honorific Race Title Notes
Caunidhrenon (the Wise) Eladrin Prince
Arandur (the Steward) Elven Prince
Calanon (the Bright) Elven Prince brother of Arandur
Durion1 (the Dark) Dwarven Prince name has been transliterated
Uruvion2 (the Red) Dragonborn Princeling
Gondien3 (the Stalwart) Dragonborn Princeling reputedly the last to stand
Alyan (the Blessed) Elven Cleric
Thalion4 (the Heroic) Gnomish Chieftain reputedly the last Gnome
Utiradien (the Blind) Drow Prince of the Line
Istuion (the Learned) Eladrin Mystic and Warrior
Sardon (the Faithful) Eladrin Cousin of Caunidhrenon the Wise
Meldarion5 (the Loved) Half-Elf Prince reputedly half human
Bregolian6 (the Faithful) Dwarven Prince Brother of Durion

^1 Oan Silverforge ^2 Eshath Wyr’Apothas ^3 Lihmath Wyr’Attor ^4 Barthos Gistorfell or his twin, Brethos Frericthal ^5 Aedelmaer of Lyr; mother was a cousin of Caunidhrenon, father unknown ^6 Werof Silverforge

Brotherhood of the Moon

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